Learn Today Earn Tomorrow Career Development Program

The Victory Group Career services & Development Program helps support education and skill building to increase confidence and promote self-sufficiency.

This program allows participants to prepare for real world career choice and search objectives, including dressing for, and engaging in, real world job interview situations.

This program is done in a simulated work environment. Once the participant concludes this program, we place them in our office as an employee in our intern program and work with various businesses in our community to secure them a full time, permanent position.

The Victory Group also plans to host yearly career and job fairs for exposing the residents of Westville and surrounding communities with various educational and career opportunities. Our goal is to help every person who desires to be gainfully employed or pursue higher education studies be given that opportunity.  We desire to help everyone develop a plan on how to achieve their professional and or educational goals. 

This program includes the following class training:

• Knowing Yourself

• Money Matters

• Determine a Career Goal

• Resume Writing

• References

• The Job Application

• Choosing a Resume Format

• Writing a resume

• Editing a Resume

• Preparing a Plain Text resume

• Writing a Cover Letter

• Writing a Thank You Letter

• Scheduling the Interview

• Types of Interviews

• Interview Questions

• Interview Attire

• The interview & follow up

• Negotiating & accepting an offer

• Job Search Workshop